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What can I do for you?


I can do an e-commerce website for you, give a technical support of best points of e-commerce. I can install and administrate WooCommerce for your wordpress.

Responsive Design

I can do flexibility of mobil, design a mobil site and develop micro site of your badge. I can resolve the problems of browsers and conflicts of operating systems.

Web Security

I can do secure your scripts, fix scripts and software bugs, fix sql injections and bugs, scan harmful plugins and protect your
system files.


What did I do?

Pınar Sutum Portal

Mission: Front-end Developer @ LambaDijital

Pttcell Offical Webpage

Mission: Front-end Developer @ LambaDijital


Mission: Front-end Developer @ LambaDijital

Cevahir micro site

Mission: Front-end Developer @ LambaDijital

PG Upgrade to Plus

Mission: Front-end Developer @ LambaDijital

Everydayme Web Apps

Mission: Web App Developer @ LambaDijital

PG / Everydayme mailings

Mission: Web mailing software @ LambaDijital

Falim Fb Application

Mission: FB App Developer @ LambaDijital

Falim Offical Website

Mission: Content Editor & Developer @ LambaDijital

Pttcell FB Application

Mission: FB App Developer @ LambaDijital

Cevahir FB Application

Mission: FB App Developer @ LambaDijital

Cevahir Vine FB App

Mission: FB App Developer @ LambaDijital

About Me

Who am I ?

  • NOVEMBER 1990

    Born in Istanbul

    I was born in Kartal, on 15 November 1990. I move to Siirt in 1994 and I return to Istanbul in 1999. I live here since 1999. I dwell in Beylikdüzü.

  • OCTOBER 2014

    Academy of ArıBilgi

    I decided to be a Front-end Developer, so I take education and training of Web Programming and Designing for 8 months. I have certificate of achievement from ArıBilgi.

  • JUNE 2015

    Graduation from Marmara University

    I have graduation from department of Science Politics and Administration. I have education of French in this department.

  • September 2014

    Front-end Developer @ Lamba Dijital

    I am working @ Lamba Dijital, Department Of Software as Front-end Developer Since 2014.

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